Connections 2018: Experiments

  1. v0.1 Planes: 13th September.

  2. v0.2 Cubes: 20th September.

  3. v0.3 Cubes - transitions: 24th September.

  4. v0.4 Cubes / connections 3D icon: 29th September.

  5. v0.5 3D bands connections icon: 3rd October.

  6. Animation tests/examples: 9th October.

  7. v0.6 Visualization with interface: 16th October.

  8. v0.7 Visualization with CSV data: 18th October.

  9. v0.75 New animation beta: 22nd October.

  10. v0.85 Major version update: 24th October.

  11. v0.9 Main visualization done: 25th October.

  12. v0.95 Splash screen changed: 27th October.

  13. v0.99 Final: 27th October.

  14. v1.1 Post-event: 7th November.

  15. v1.2 Post-event cleanup 2: 25th November.

  16. v1.3 Forked version: 4th December.