Urbanization story
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Urban population by city size, in percentage

World, 2015

*Data from United Nations Populations Department, 2014

1st Tokyo-Yokohama


Population: 37,843,000

2nd Jakarta


Population: 30,539,000

3rd Delhi


Population: 24,998,000

4th Manila


Population: 24,123,000

5th Karachi


Population: 23,500,000

6th Seoul-Incheon

South Korea

Population: 23,480,000

7th Shanghai


Population: 23,416,000

8th Beijing


Population: 21,009,000

9th New York City

United States

Population: 20,630,000

10th Guangzhou-Foshan


Population: 20,597,000

11th São Paulo


Population: 20,365,000

12th Mexico City


Population: 20,063,000

*Ranking from Demographia report, 2015

Chai Jing's Under the Dome (柴静雾霾调查:穹顶之下)

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From a simple experiment in parallax scrolling, this became an interactive piece with lots of animation and some data visualization. It brings together all the components of a digital interactive story — animations, data visualizations, text, and video — that I believe engage audiences better in the digital space.

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Sustainable urbanization and global warming are some of our biggest problems, and it's our duty as Earth's stewards to look after it.

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