A Study in Moiré Patterns


In mathematics, physics, and art, moiré patterns are large scale interference patterns that can be produced when an opaque pattern with transparent gaps is overlaid on another similar pattern.

Besides being areas of study in mathematics and physics (e.g. in image processing and computer vision) they have real world applications like bank note forgery detection.

But as art itself, Moiré patterns can be beautiful and hypnotic.

They are particularly suitable for visualization as procedurally generated art, and can create some really interesting optical illusions.

Before we begin...

One quick word of warning before you begin. Please run these series of animations on a modern browser on a fast machine as they can be computationally intensive with all the procedurally generated content.

Powerful modern mobile phones and tablets are fine as the animations and visualizations are responsive, but these will still look better on a desktop machine!

Moiré circles

Like looking at ripples in a pond.

Moiré circles animation

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Moiré circles animation